rideshare with a spider: saturn (direct) in scorpio [astroloco]

Remember how I said I was afraid of bugs? Today I came face to face with one of my biggest conceivable fears. Years ago my cousin told me about the time she was driving her car and along came a spider crawling across her windshield. She too is scared of insects, and she nearly crashed her car at the mere sight and proximity of the arachnid. I know it is irrational to react like that, but I feared this scenario because I had no clue how I would handle myself while operating a vehicle, although I was way too young to drive when I heard this story. As you all know, I am now a driving man, and earlier I found myself in a similar situation.

After running errands for my upcoming 5th annual family cookout (barbecue if you’re confused), I hopped back the whip (my mom’s Honda Pilot) and drove off. I was so ready to be back home so I could make myself a quick smoothie before I indulged in enough Skinny Pop to offend a Monsanto cornfield.

(Here’s the smoothie I made yesterday. I swear it tastes better than it looks.)

They say it’s healthier to eat fruits and fibrous veggies first, for digestion and shit like that. As I pulled out of the shopping center parking lot, I caught a peripheral glimpse of tiny terror; there was a spider on my sun visor (aka my personal vanity).

Although the spider was small, my nervous system went into immediate and dangerous overdrive. Since I was literally driving, I planned to pull over as soon as I could, as I did not want this spider descending down onto my forehead or my lap or any other part of my body while I was operating the vehicle. Of course if I pulled over, I’d either have to wait for the creature to crawl out or physically remove it from the premises, neither of which I had time for (Skinny Pop, remember?). After being forced to endure this discomfort for a few seconds, I got the vibe that the spider was just as stricken. She was still and so was I. I decided to keep driving.

Black spider in my car, white spots

After being retrograde since February, Saturn has finally resumed direct motion in Scorpio. Where Saturn goes our caution follows, and when Saturn is in Scorpio, the darkest of our fears are confronted in an intensely psychological way. Saturn’s nearly 5 month-long backtrack saw us re-examining our power structures. We were forced to get real about wasting resources, using more discipline, and harnessing the mutually transformative, creative potential of synergy.

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a bird’s nest: cancer new moon [astroloco]

About a month or 2 ago, my family and I noticed a nest being constructed by a mother bird atop the ledge of our front door. Every time we went to enter or exit our house, we would disturb the bird, and she’d fly away. The loud, crisp flapping of her wings would startle me the first couple times, but eventually I began to anticipate her and she stopped flying away. My mom wanted to knock the nest down, but I thought it was special that out of all the houses on my street, she chose ours to call her home. We left the nest unbothered.

After her eggs hatched into baby birds, one of which I believe I caught a glimpse, I started seeing her less and less. The nest is still there, but the birds have flown elsewhere. I kind of miss seeing them perched above our doorway. Reminded me that although we are a suburban family, we are still living in nature (as if I weren’t still recovering from Pamela the Possum). Although they are not here anymore, they can return whenever they want, and they will be received the warmest of welcomes.

3 Robin eggs in a nest

What is home? Is it the place we were born or the place we were raised? Or is it where we are? Maybe home is where we are going, or better yet where we want to be! As the birds know, home is any place that our wings spread, and even beyond the beds on which we rest. Regardless of our current residences, the nest will always be there, whether in the physical realm or in the sentimental dimension of memories. The New Moon in Cancer gives us the support we need to finally release our grip on the past. We feel secure enough to live in the present and foster the development of our emotional wellbeing, creative imagination, friends and family.

Life in the sky is full of ups, downs, wanes and waxes, but all is well when we fly with the wind, embracing each gust as it comes. No matter where the wind may carry us, we will always wind up exactly where we need to be. Welcome home!

the art of healing [spa day diaries]



Everyone should experience the power of therapy. The Spa has allowed me to do so on a daily basis. My job is the beautiful beginning of my life as a natural healer, and I am ready for the journey, wherever it will lead me.

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jupiter in cancer [astroloco]



When we broaden our definition of the word “home” to include the whole world, we are sure to find the meaning of family.

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pamela the possum & the bugs [#swami]

As much as I like to think I have aligned myself with the world outside my window, I still go into panic mode sometimes when I am forced to go outside. It’s like I revert back to my 6-year-old self, when I was petrified of wildlife and all its unpredictability. Although I love the summertime, my love can quickly turn to fear upon the arrival of The Bugs. Being the only male in my home for the majority of my life has left me with no choice but to carry out the “boy chores”, like taking out the trash or retrieving random rarities from the shed, all of which put me face to face with my insectual enemies.

I know, I know… Insects are not the enemy. They are ecologically necessary, sure, but I cannot deny my irrational anxiety toward them. I don’t want to be scared of The Bugs, but it’s a process that I am taking one step at a time. On the bright side, I don’t kill them like I used to, even when one of them decides to join me in bed for a late night Netflix party. I may bolt out of bed in a blind, primal rage, but kill them I do not.


As if The Bugs weren’t enough, there is now a dead possum in our backyard (let’s call her Pamela, for the sake of alliteration). Apparently, Pamela thought the rain-filled flower-pot outside was a swimming pool, and she dove in it like Kendrick Lamar. Unfortunately, she did not know how to swim and is now floating face down, covered in maggots. Maybe she did it on purpose. Can animals be suicidal? Regardless, I will not be burying Pamela the Possum, no matter how much of a “boy chore” that may be. Sorry Mom!

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