8: what goes around… [#StarsAndSymbols]

As of today, I have reached (and exceeded), my sales goal of the month! I have sold over 30 memberships, which means I achieved my 4th bonus. On top of that, I won bingo (which is determined by the amount memberships/products sold and services upgraded), so I double my bonus. This month at The Spa has taught me that I reap what I sow and anything is possible if I set the intention, envision the goal, and put forth the effort to attain it.

It makes perfect sense that I would finally surpass my goals today. The date is July 30, 2013 or 8/20/2013. If you add the digits [8+3+0+2+0+1+3], what do you get? 8! Once we take the time to literally look at this number, the symbolism becomes clear. 8 is very similar to, if the not the same as, the infinity symbol. In general, circles represent never-ending cycles. Since 8 is a looped circle, it signifies karma, showing us that what goes around comes around. 8 reminds us that we get back exactly what we give, which is why a lot of numerologists regard 8 as the number of success. While 8 has has the potential to be the most powerful of all the numbers, it can just as easily sink amongst the lowest of the low. We are forced to take responsibility for our own destinies when vibrating at the frequency of 8. Ultimately, the choice is ours.


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33: the master teacher [#StarsAndSymbols]

I moved around a lot as child. We had recently moved into an apartment in the suburbs of Atlantic City with my newborn sister when I turned 6. The address was 33 Liberty Court.


Like most of the places I called home in my early years, we lived there for less than a year. Despite the duration, I learned a lot of my most valuable lessons in the minute amount of time we spent in this apartment. I babysat myself for the first time, as well as my infant sister, when my mom had to step out for work or to run important errands. Sometimes, I had to wake myself up in the morning, pack my own lunch, and walk alone down the street to the bus stop for school. When I pretended to read a list of books to win the BOOK IT! prize (a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut), my mom dissuaded me against cheating my way to victory, which left a huge impression on my conscience. Due to the mold in the apartment, I even endured a week of trauma (and a Happy Days marathon on Nick @ Nite) at the hospital, which taught me not to play around with my allergies. These situations, among others, provided me with wisdom that I carry with me to this day. It was not until years later that I realized our little apartment was vibrating at such a masterful frequency.

In a previous post on numerology, I mentioned the master numbers [the 3 numbers that aren’t reduced to single digit status]: 11, 22, and 33. Known as the Master Teacher, 33 combines the spiritually intuitive sensitivity of 11 and the enterprisingly global vision of 22, and uses this knowledge to uplift the world. 33 [3+3] is a higher vibration of 6, the nurturing number that represents community, family, and responsibility, so these qualities are amplified exponentially.  Supportive 6 uses the power of love to heal, and 33’s duty is to demonstrate how a little patience, compassion, and selflessness go a long way. 33 transcends domestic relations and blood bonds to foster universal familiarity. Do you think there’s any coincidence that Jesus Christ lived to be 33?

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number sequences: 2:22 [#StarsAndSymbols]

I believe that all things have meaning. Symbolism can be found anywhere if we are conscious of our surroundings. We have no excuse to be lost when there are clues in the shape of every cloud and answers in the color of each crystal.

Numbers are significant, especially when arranged in specific sequences. 11:11 is one of the most obvious and popular. I read somewhere that it represents a shift in consciousness, an awareness upgrade of sorts, but most people simply make a wish when they see it. Instead of unconscious, ritualistic wishing, we would benefit from actually looking deeper into numerology to find out what these symbols are trying to tell us.


2:22 has been a constant fixture in my life lately. I catch it mostly at night, but sometimes in the day, too. I see some other sequences [1:11, 1:23, 11:22, 11:33, 3:33], but none as frequent as 2:22. To understand this, we must take a numerological approach, which means first adding these numbers. 2+2+2 = 6. Although I am seeing a lot of 2’s, I am actually receiving a message that is based on the energy of 6, the sum total of this sequence of numbers. Speaking of 6, this year (2013) is a 6 year. Don’t believe me? Just add the digits.

6 is the number of family, balance, and responsibility. Duties of the domestic variety fall under the domain of 6, and we tend to be more concerned about community when under this influence. This number has the propensity to heal through harmonics and uplift others with good, old-fashioned TLC. Although 6 possesses unrivaled sweetness, it can also be characteristically extreme.  Every time I see 2:22 [or reflect upon the energy of 2013], I am reminded that I have too much work to do to lose my focus and go off the deep end of my indulgences. I take 2:22 as a sign that I am THIS CLOSE to creeping up on a regrettable imbalance in regards to my current circumstance, and based on experience, it’s best for me to exercise temperance when I receive this message. When I don’t moderate my behavior in those moments, I ALWAYS wish I would have. Although the sum of this sequence equals 6, the 2’s lend a fair amount of intuition and sensitivity to the vibration of 2:22.

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22: the master builder [#StarsAndSymbols]

I was just browsing the analytics page of my YouTube channel [Shady Sun], as I do sometimes when I’m bored. This page has ALL the details of my account. One of those details is the date I created the channel, August 3, 2009. Naturally, I decided to calculate the Life Path of my channel!

After adding the digits of said date [8/3/2009], I discovered the Life Path Number of Shady Sun is 22! I was so excited to learn this, considering 22 is a super-rare master number, referred to as the “master builder” in numerology. 22 [2+2] can be reduced to 4, so it is a masterful amplification of 4’s practically grounded energy. 4 yields tangible, material results. 22 takes those results to the next level, bringing lofty ideas from the dream world into physical manifestation. A visionary of global proportions, 22 is potentially the most powerful number there is.


I am building an empire and it is Shady Sun.

2013 = 6 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Every year has a unique vibration. Numerology is a helpful way to characterize those vibrations. If you add each digit of 2013, what do you get? 6! That means 2013 is a 6-year. For more insight, you must develop a greater understanding of the number 6.

6 is the number of service. Duty and responsibility come into focus when dealing with 6 energy. 6 is the most balanced and harmonious of all numbers. Family-oriented 6 is caring, loving, and nurturing. 6 heals what hurts.


I am almost done training at The Spa. Soon I will find out if they want to keep me or not. The prospect of a full-time job is overwhelming at times, but overall I am enjoying myself. I’ve wanted to work at a spa work a while now. I love the tranquil, relaxing environment (I’m also looking forward to discounted massages). Appropriately, the building number is 330. 3+3+0=6.

I am where I need to be.

something to count on: numerology 101 [#StarsAndSymbols]

As a young child, I was obsessed with pretending I was a teenager. When asked how old I was by strange adults at random places (not as bad as it sounds), I remember being fond of ages 13 and 17. I’ll admit, 13 was a passing fad, but 17 stuck (my favorite cousin was 17 at the time)! To this day 17 is one of my favorite numbers.

We all have favorites (numbers, colors, shapes, etc.) for a reason, but we don’t often allow ourselves to explore those reasons in depth. What is it about a number that makes it stand out among the infinite amount of others? Sure, certain symbols have sentimental value. While the nostalgia factor is valid, there is arguably a deeper reason for your favorite symbol. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t have resonated with you in the first place.

Despite their importance, most of us take numbers (and other symbols) for granted. We use them when we need to and leave it at that. If we took the time to understand the unique vibration of each number, we would start to recognize the beautiful, cyclical pattern called numerology.


All numbers, when reduced to single digits, have a deeper significance in numerology. It’s interesting to note how even the shapes of the symbols themselves can contribute to the characteristics of the numbers, even in the most subconscious, archetypal ways [1, for example, is a phallic symbol that represents creative life energy]. Here are numbers 1-9 and their respective qualities…

1 – original, independent, pioneering, inventive, self-centered

2 – cooperative, diplomatic, sensitive, adaptable, shy

3 – optimistic, expressive, inspirational, creative, scattered

4 – practical, hard-working, organized, detail-oriented, stubborn

5 – adventurous, versatile, curious, free, reckless

6 – charming, balanced, compassionate, helpful, self-righteous

7 – introspective, scientific, analytical, spiritual, aloof

8 – executive, successful, ambitious, karmic, materialistic

9 – popular, generous, intuitive, humanitarian, detached

Any number greater than 9 can be simplified by adding each digit. For example, 17 [1+7] can reduced to 8. There are, however, three master numbers [11, 22, 33] that are left alone as double digits. Master numbers are obviously special, revered as higher, more spiritual expressions of their respective sums. 11 is an amplified version of 2, 22 [the master builder] is an amplified version of 4, and 33 [the master teacher] is an amplified version of 6.

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