a quietude of extremes [#ScrambledArt]

a quietude of extremes

menaces the master of the obvious

the masses are eluded by its transitional nuance

as it traverses the polar spectrum in a cataclysm of silence

contrary to its contemporaries

its wealth is in its stealth

Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 1.18.32 PM

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on a limb with a vulture [#ScrambledArt]

this feeling is so familiar. peeled away layers. the pang of a bared soul, vulnerable and exposed for everyone to see. i put myself out there on the limb of a tree and waited for you, but instead a vulture came to feast, leading me to believe i’m either dead or slowly dying. now i’m crying for you in a public place, tears displaced. they stain my face as i peer into the mirror behind the bar at the man who looks as though he should have it all together.

i’d like to think i knew better, but there was something special about you.

17_bw vulture in tree

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an ode 2 joe w/ blue eyes [#ScambledArt]


you’re beautiful
i’m insatiable
i choose you to be my muse
gap in tooth, baby blue
eyes as deep as swimming pools
madonna pure
but dirty too
that’s what i will do to you
even though we haven’t touched
i’ve fallen so in love

i’m not above an impossible mission if my challenger you be
as long as there’s a chance or even the slightest possibility
that you may voyage into the vacuum tight obscurity of my black hole
we could explode uncontrollably into a big bang
as we clash, and clang, and come into each other like colliding galaxies
at a point in time when my space is not complete
in a world so petit, somehow you’re still lightyears away

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sunny w/ a chance of shade: cancer new moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

there is a transformation that occurs when we express ourselves fearlessly in the moment. the responses that are elicited by living truthfully are testimonies to our inherent power, but only if we claim it as our own. self-engagement can be so enrapturing that it is startling to be confronted by the inevitable reaction of disagreement, as others try to solve our riddles, searching the depths for that thing within us that triggers their own feelings of uneasiness. in those moments it is important for us to recognize our own individual influences, as we are capable of affecting our environment, no matter how our respective presences are received by other people. if we choose to dim our lights and shy away from the awesomeness of authenticity in order to manipulate the external factors, our power is projected, giving it away for others to wield as they wish. when we risk our emotional comfort by embracing the sometimes controversial originality of this existence as it is embodied within us all, despite the adversity we may face from those suffering from their own psychologically projected traumas, then we begin to transcend the darkness with the dawn of limitless light.


the new moon is exact on June 26, 2014 at 4:08 AM EST in 5 degrees cancer, the mother of the zodiac. as always, the new moon is the beginning of a lunation [lunar cycle] prompted by the conjunction of the sun [ego expression] and moon [subconscious reaction], so it represents an initiation or a starting point. this is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start, and the quality of the start will relate to the realm of cancer [the experience of emotions]. when two planets come together in conjunction to unify as a single energy, the effect can be either volatile or harmonious, or both. it all depends on the other aspects.

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shooting straighter [#ScrambledArt]


life would be a lot easier if we all said what we really meant

instead of speaking riddles and casting spells of confusion

everyone would shoot a little straighter

but alas the days get longer and later

and despite my frustrations

i try not to lose hope

dimensions of attraction [#ScrambledArt]

the world is a different place when you’re beautiful

life just doesn’t look the same

these aesthetic souls don’t have to explain, nor could they

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backlit screens & full moon dreams [#ScrambledArt]

bored of keys, i go in blind, but my fingers find a way to play the perfect notes. my fingers punch figments of a fragmented alphabet and pray to god that the spell check’s broke. to rest my heart and clear my throat is a relief of the data on which i choke. i might not know where this post is going, but i’m online so i keep on stroking.

[… it’s not like stars know where they’re going. they simply go. they revolve and they orbit and sometimes they float. they go on in space til ages end, can they feel when they’re opposed? even though they’re close, i think they may have gone too far…]

how hard must one be pushed to cause a reconfiguration? a defected bit of software shines a light on installation errors. resolution tries to process but get lost in computations.

need a vacation from your backlit screen, but your pull is strong for sure. my world revolves around you, yes you make me feel secure. sadly our update will not download because we can’t take anymore.


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grow [#ScrambledArt]

i don’t need any money or fancy cars
i don’t need to take pictures with superstars
i don’t need them to tell me what i can do
you don’t need me and i never needed you

i’m breaking free of the chain that surrounds me
i’m breaking free of the spell that has bound me
i’m breaking free of the jail that has held me
i don’t need you and you never needed me

[just watch me grow]

Photo on 2013-12-02 at 19.40

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the shadow before the sun [#ScrambledArt]

something came undone in the last few days of summer, and whatever it was has been disengaged ever since. like the hitch that connects the family boat to the family minivan breaks apart on a bumpy road, we suffered a serious separation, and we may have gone too far to realize what was left behind. as the inevitable cliff of autumn begins to crumble and fall off, taking down everything it once supported with such sinister cynicism, i wonder if we should’ve at least looked back to reclaim what was rightfully ours. still, some part of me believes that if it is gone, it was never ours on which to hold.


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