happy birthday 2 us [#ScrambledArt]

What do you give the one who has it all on this sacred day of birth?
Should I express appreciation by reflecting what you’re worth
In the form of a poem or a song or dance or skit?
A ritualistic celebration is the perfect birthday gift

Or maybe something a little more corporate for someone like you
A spendthrift in every sense of the word deserves a present physical
Tangible like a trophy on which to hold and adorn the shelf most visible
To make the claims of fame in the name of all things commercial
Because nothing’s as controversial as a card without cash

What do I give the one who has inspired me to get ahead?
To trample dead over the ones who have the treasures I covet
It could be low, but if it means I’m going to win, I’m not above it
That’s why I love it, your infallible philosophy I mean
The way you overcome scandals to manifest your destiny
You never let your consciousness come in between
Your business, your schemes, the American dream


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happy solar return: aaliyah [#StarsAndSymbols]


Today is a special day!

Along with many of my friends, my eldest sister [Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and Ascendant in Capricorn] celebrates her (17th) birthday today. I always get excited when people turn 17. If you remember, it’s one of my favorite numbers (tied with 7). She also got her driver’s license this morning, on her first try. It only took me four DMV visits (technically three, long story), but I’m not counting. Regardless, she’s coming of age, on her way up the mountain. Where does the time go?

Ebonee and I, c. 2009)

Speaking of time, it’s been over 10 years since we lost singer/dancer/actress Aaliyah Haughton, who would have been 34 today. Just like a true Capricorn, she got better with time, steadily climbing higher with each album release. An R&B singer, she began to crossover in her final years, topping the pop charts and appearing in box office hits.


Similar to many artists, it seems as though she became bigger posthumously. To this day she is popular and endearingly referred to as “Baby Girl.” Some even consider her a legend. Aaliyah managed to come off as down-to-earth, all while producing quality work that still has public appeal all these years later. Fine wine, those Capricorns!

Here is one of my favorite Aaliyah songs, “Back & Forth“. It always get me right…

Once a year, the sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born. We usually refer to this as a birthday, but the astrological term is solar return. The solar return is a rebirth, signifying the beginning of a brand new cycle in your life, kind of like your very own new year. If today is your birthday, Happy Solar Return to YOU [and happy Capricorn Season to all the Sea Goats]! Keep on climbing…