Sun-Jupiter Birthday Blessings

Story time is now. I hope you’re all ready, because I am! And, if you must know, the ending is happy.


Last Thursday on my birthday (October 26th), I was flying back to LAX from SFO… ✈

Once I arrived, I went to find my shuttle bus stop from the airport to DTLA. I saw a tall Russian man who didn’t speak English, and appeared confused by the lack of assistance he was receiving (customer service who?). I offered to walk with him to the shuttles, because although we were headed in different directions, we were going to have to wait for our buses together… 🚌

I waited with him for about an hour, talking occasionally although we didn’t speak the same language (thank God for Google translations!). He told me he was going to Bakersfield to see his “baby” 👶 (aka his grown son who was playing hockey in the picture I saw). About 10 minutes before my bus finally came, this gentleman slipped me a Russian $50 bill… 💰

Should I take it all the way to Russia on an international journey or should I go with Instant Gratification and exchange it for good old fashioned American money?

The astrology of it all is what makes me wonder, because as much as I’d like to put that money in my bank account right now, there was a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio on my birthday. There is only one day per year when the Sun joins forces with Jupiter, and astrologers consider Sun-Jupiter day to be the luckiest day of every year.

The Sun gives life. Jupiter is the planet of long distance adventures and international travel. Scorpio is the sign of other people’s money and resources.

I’m not quite decided just yet how I will maximize this gift, but in the meantime, I am so thankful that I am blessed with tokens of appreciation like this. It is confirmation that God is real in my life. My Halloween season is definitely more of a treat than a trick this year.

Aries Full Moon Celebrities [#StarsAndSymbols]

IMG_20171006_011117_118.jpg✨ most of you know these celebrities as Libras, and if so, you are absolutely right… 💁 they were all born in the autumn when the SUN was in Libra (aka #LibraSeason ♎)! Everyone in this collage, however, is an #AriesMoon… 🌕♈ because they all share a sun-moon sign opposition (Aries and Libra are opposite yet “complementary” signs), they personify the #FullMoon… 🔮 anyone interested in mysteries of this specific energy will be enlightened by observing the #StarsAndSymbols 👀

The Prototype! [#SelfCareStarterKit]

What do you think? ✨ I am curating a wellness package of sorts, working title: #SelfCareStarterKit.


Inspired by my daily rituals and the resources that bless my heart every day 🙏  my aim is to help you cultivate a more holistic lifestyle that enhances your wellbeing… 👳 and to set you up for success.

The “Starter Kit” in the picture is a rough draft, as I am still experimenting with the goods 😉 Like, I’m focusing almost exclusively on hygiene products, and there are particular flavors and scents and textures that will be included with specific intentions, but (for example) I don’t know if I should include liquid soap or solid soap – or both! Teabags, or no teabags? This brave or that brand, and why? That kind of thing. I’m debating, but that’s okay because this is my process… ♎

I don’t sell these yet (feel free to order yours now tho). When they debut, I see them being popular birthday gifts 🎁 and they can also be purchased monthly as care packages for college students, stressed out spouses, and anyone else who needs to take better care of themselves! 💕

Weekly Tarot: Monday 9/25/2017

🔮 Weekly Tarot Reading

Week of Monday, September 25, 2017



1.) How Can You Maximize Prosperity In Your Personal Life?

It’s a blessing that certain obstacles have been moved out of your way (especially if you are responsible for moving them), but a clear road is only advantageous if you are brave enough to travel it boldly, with confidence in your intended destination. Now is not the time to hold back and take it slow in regards to your life’s path, but rather this is your moment to accelerate your progress as a unique individual in this world because you are blessed with the fuel of existential enthusiasm. Go as fast as you wish.


2.) How Can You Maximize Prosperity In Your Social Life?
🔮: #10ofWANDS 🔥

Don’t feel bad if you have to skip out on your social engagements this week. Your hands are full with your own personal ambitions and endeavors, and although your prospects are demanding all of your time, they are more promising than any party or dinner date could ever be.


3.) How Can You Maximize Prosperity In Your Professional Life?
🔮: 19 / #TheSUN 🌞

If you’ve been working on a special project that you’ve been keeping underwraps as you practice and perfect it, you would be smart to let it see the light of day now. You will be amazed at how warmly your work is received now if you share it with the world. There is an art to every big reveal, however, so be sure to present your masterpiece the way it deserves to be presented; regally and radiantly. Of course you prefer to wait until the time is right, but ask yourself: “If not now, then when?”