33: the master teacher [#StarsAndSymbols]

I moved around a lot as child. We had recently moved into an apartment in the suburbs of Atlantic City with my newborn sister when I turned 6. The address was 33 Liberty Court.


Like most of the places I called home in my early years, we lived there for less than a year. Despite the duration, I learned a lot of my most valuable lessons in the minute amount of time we spent in this apartment. I babysat myself for the first time, as well as my infant sister, when my mom had to step out for work or to run important errands. Sometimes, I had to wake myself up in the morning, pack my own lunch, and walk alone down the street to the bus stop for school. When I pretended to read a list of books to win the BOOK IT! prize (a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut), my mom dissuaded me against cheating my way to victory, which left a huge impression on my conscience. Due to the mold in the apartment, I even endured a week of trauma (and a Happy Days marathon on Nick @ Nite) at the hospital, which taught me not to play around with my allergies. These situations, among others, provided me with wisdom that I carry with me to this day. It was not until years later that I realized our little apartment was vibrating at such a masterful frequency.

In a previous post on numerology, I mentioned the master numbers [the 3 numbers that aren’t reduced to single digit status]: 11, 22, and 33. Known as the Master Teacher, 33 combines the spiritually intuitive sensitivity of 11 and the enterprisingly global vision of 22, and uses this knowledge to uplift the world. 33 [3+3] is a higher vibration of 6, the nurturing number that represents community, family, and responsibility, so these qualities are amplified exponentially.  Supportive 6 uses the power of love to heal, and 33’s duty is to demonstrate how a little patience, compassion, and selflessness go a long way. 33 transcends domestic relations and blood bonds to foster universal familiarity. Do you think there’s any coincidence that Jesus Christ lived to be 33?

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uranus/pluto square [astroloco]

(May 20, 2013 @ 6 PM)

A rude awakening or a conscious evolution? This is the 3rd Uranus/Pluto square of 7 [2012-2015], and we are transcending with each trigger. Release whatever is keeping you vibrating at a low frequency in order to connect to your highest self.

This square [challenging aspect] in particular is exact at 11 degrees Aries [Uranus] and Capricorn [Pluto]. If you remember our numerology lesson, 11 is a master number with a intuitively spiritual vibration. Some people make a wish when they see 11:11, and whether or not they know it, seeing this number sequences signifies a shift in consciousness. It is no coincidence that these planets are squaring each other in 11 degrees of their respective signs. We are being upgraded.

Although the square is the main attraction, there are other, more favorable aspects involved. Uranus in Aries is sextile Mercury and Venus in Gemini. The newfound self-awareness  that we are experiencing [Uranus in Aries] is shifting the way we think and communicate [Mercury], as well as what we appreciate and value in our exchanges with other people [Venus]. Pluto in Capricorn is sextile Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The powerful occult understanding of shadowy societal structures that we are unearthing [Pluto in Capricorn] is transforming our perception of reality [Saturn] and fantasy [Neptune]. Despite the frightening amount of commotion this square is causing, it is making some exciting (and necessary) aspects.


When we are conscious of this energy and the symbolic planetary relationships, it is easy to see we are evolving. We can embrace this energy by paying attention to where the overwhelming feeling of frustration manifests in our lives, because that is where this square is being played out. To varying degrees, we are all being deprogrammed and reprogrammed to live in alignment with our truest selves. It seems hard, as change usually is, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s easy to be pushed when we’re standing still, so why not make the first move? This is a new age! All you have to do is turn the page.

do you believe in magic? [pisces new moon]

A little after midnight, I reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, SHADY SUN. It seems as though it took a while, but in the grand scheme of everything, it happened so fast. I’ve had my channel up for more than three years, but for the first couple years, I didn’t upload very much.

Last year I started uploading videos more regularly, starting with an improv series called Improv ThursDaze. Improv ThursDaze is a creative collaboration between my college friends and I. We did over a dozen improvised skits last year and we had a great time playing with each other. We haven’t done a video in a while, but I know we will soon, and they’ll be better than ever! My newest series is called AstroLoco, which I started last June after a life-changing trip to California. AstroLoco is dedicated to the astrological interpretation of the stars and their cycles. I’ve put the most time and energy into this series, and in turn I have received the most love of all my projects. AstroLoco, out of anything, got me 100 subscribers.

I’m not quite sure where these projects will take me, or what new ventures I will start, but I believe in them. I believe I do what I do for a reason and I am on the right path at the right time for me. It’s beautiful to see the seeds I planted begin to blossom, because I know this is only the glimpse of what’s to come. This process is simply magical.

Today’s New Moon in Pisces is asking you to believe. Disregard doubt and fear and all that negativity. Listen to your heart and your spirit. Honor your intuition, as you are tuned in to something so much bigger than ego. Something amazing that won’t lead you astray. It will lead you to a higher plane if only you let it. Dream big, do what you love, and share it with the world. That’s healing.

Thank you for the support.

pisces: new moon [astroloco]

(March 11, 2013 @ 3:52 PM)

Focus: Healing
Themes: Love, compassion, sacrifice, forgiveness, belief, dreams

This is a spiritual new moon (especially since the numerology of this date is 11, the super-conscious master number). Let go of your ego and dissolve back into universal oneness.

an astroloco interview – cid ninja [bva: aquarius moon]


CID NINJA is on the verge of releasing the first of her “Bones, Villains, & Astrology” mixtape series. Look out for “BVA: AQUARIUS MOON” on February 10, 2013. Until then, make sure you check out her social media pages…

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