role playing [moon in libra]

I did a post last year (get it?) about dreams. In the first of this series of vivid dreams, I was sitting in my family room. With me were two girls, also seated. I know one of the girls very well (let’s call her Evelyn), the other was one of those vague, identity-shifting dream entities (let’s call her Loretta). The dream got intense when Evelyn dropped Loretta’s baby, whom she was holding for some reason. In a split second, Loretta’s baby hit the floor in an all-too-real moment of onomatopoeia. Naturally, chaos ensued. “This is why I asked you if you knew how to hold a baby,” Loretta exclaimed, as a guilt-ridden Evelyn ran outside to collect herself.

Thrown off by the sudden altercation, I jumped to my feet and assumed the role of human pacifier. “She obviously didn’t mean to drop the baby, it was an accident,” I reasoned with a hysterical Loretta. “You’ve never made a mistake in your life?” Although reluctant, Loretta finally came around to see my point. Once Evelyn returned, I forced them to hug. They were still visibly upset, but I made them hug anyway. I don’t know if I solved the problem for them (lord knows what happened to the baby. I don’t recall anyone picking it up…), but I made myself feel better in that moment. The question is, why was I so compelled to play referee in a fight that had virtually nothing to do with me?

Some people throughout their lives play the role of the peacekeeper. These people often find themselves mediating conflicting parties, even if the conflict does not concern them. This tendency has to develop somewhere, and I’m a firm believer that most habits/traits/quirks are rooted in early childhood, based off how you learned to deal with the often dysfunctional institution we call family.

In astrology, the role we play in the family can be better understood by looking at the ascendant or rising sign [outward personality] and the moon [home] in our natal charts. The Moon is in Libra right now. Libra is symbolized by The Scales, so balance, justice, and fairness are imperative for people who are born under this sign. Libra hates conflict, because it throws off the beautiful sense of harmony this sign works so hard to maintain. When the moon [subconscious emotional needs] is in Libra, we need to keep the peace to feel secure, Libra or not.


I have no planets in Libra, but 3 of my 4 Scorpio placements [Sun, Mercury, and Venus] are right on the cusp, just a few degrees away from Libra, endowing me with a little more diplomacy than the average scorpion. My 13 Signs Astrology ascendant happens to be Libra, but that’s a whole other astrological system, so I won’t open that can of worms in this post (I guess I just did). Basically, this dream prompted some major self-analysis. I began to wonder, “Do I play the peacekeeper?”

Take this time to think of the role you play in relation to other people [Libra], and why you play it. Whether you’re the peacekeeper, the troublemaker, the workaholic, or the comic relief, we all have a unique function in our families, and in a larger context, the world. Sometimes it’s beneficial to embrace our roles and let them guide us. In some instances, though, we must release the expectations of these roles, because they are defense mechanisms, based on the irrational fears we developed way back when, in situations we had little to no control over. Situations we cannot change. Once we reclaim our own power, and “let the baby fall” so to speak, maybe we’ll see there is no need to change or rearrange or control anything. Life happens when we allow it to.