aries new moon 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

4/7/2016 @ 7:24 AM EST


Numerology of the Day:

[4+7+2+0+1+6 = 20 = 2+0= 2]


2 is a number that can go either way. It is the foray into the world of options, so often times important choices must be made that alter the course of one’s life. 2 is a versatile number, so instead of making a hard decision, the 2 suggests embracing multiple realities at once until a mutual solution presents itself. Positively, this could be called consideration. Negatively, this might be seen as deception or duplicity. Could it be both? It could! 2 is full of contradictions like that, and it doesn’t always make logical sense. This could have something to do with 2’s association with the feminine/yin energy, to which irrationality is attributed in this patriarchal society. Along the lines of the feminine force, intuition is probably strongest wherever sensitive 2 is involved.

On one hand, 2 is delicate and impressionable, often yielding to apparently stronger entities. On the other hand, 2 is so fluid that it is unlikely to break, even under the most oppressive circumstances. This number can be quite surprising as it is full of withheld information, evidenced by the bits, pieces and secrets that are revealed when the moment is right. Proof that you always get more than you bargain for when working with a number like this, these carefully metered revelations are indicative of a hidden reserve of alluring depth that is only unveiled to the select few “initiates” who pass the test.  It takes a lot to be let inside, so to know 2 is not only to love 2, but to be loved by 2. Care to double the fun?

Speaking of love, the number 2 rules over romantic relationships and other interpersonal involvements, including conflicts. Sharing, exchanges, and all interactions are ruled by 2. Despite emphasis on social refinement and seamless cooperation, 2 can manifest as timidity, and isn’t always conducive to standing in the spotlight. Even so, 2 is such a charming vibration that audiences form regardless of the preference of privacy.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence for Aries:
The Emperor


The leader, the ruler, The Emperor. This card is obviously representative of ballers, shot-callers and other authority figures. Anyone who has power enough to warrant a community of followers can be likened to The Emperor archetype. More symbolically, this card signifies the essential centrality from which any game-changing circumstance emanates, as it takes a great deal of personal singularity and unwavering focus to oversee something of such magnitude.

There are many factors that keep an empire up, running, and vital in the face of threats that could come at any time, from every direction, so it takes a skillful commander to be the core that keeps his kingdom together. Not only must he embody the beam that supports the structure of everything and everyone around him, but he must also make executive decisions that reflect the greater good of the common bond they all share, lest he find himself on the receiving end of an ugly uprising.


The New Moon is the monthly meeting of the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. This combination makes for a great potency that, when harnessed, encourages anything that is initiated or asked. The best time to set New Moon intentions is the following few days after the aspect is exact, once the dust has settled, but the day of is usually fine too. Warning: avoid setting intentions before the New Moon is exact and/or during the void-of-course moon. [See below for the best times to make your wish.]


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forgotten anniversaries [#FreeWrite]

how weird is it how something can so profoundly effect one’s life, only to slowly transcend into the realm of memories. what used to be above the surface has slipped below the line that separate conscious from the subconscious. outside of the jurisdiction of my awareness, i am still being influenced by past impressions, even after the poems i wrote so poignantly to relieve the pressure of my world when it caved in on me.

i used to think about it every second of every day, but not anymore. it comes when it pleases and leaves before i let it get too deep. it is pointless to let blood seep from a wound that should be healed, but i can feel it all over again when i want to, although i don’t know why i would.

it came across my mind today out of pure coincidence. i admit this is the 7th anniversary, but as each year passes, the mental reenactments start to play less frequently. i can rest peacefully knowing that i weathered the storm, transformed, and stand taller today than ever before. sometimes, still, i can’t but explore that moment frozen in time.


and so i celebrate my shadow, because without it, my shine wouldn’t be as bright.

backlit screens & full moon dreams [#ScrambledArt]

bored of keys, i go in blind, but my fingers find a way to play the perfect notes. my fingers punch figments of a fragmented alphabet and pray to god that the spell check’s broke. to rest my heart and clear my throat is a relief of the data on which i choke. i might not know where this post is going, but i’m online so i keep on stroking.

[… it’s not like stars know where they’re going. they simply go. they revolve and they orbit and sometimes they float. they go on in space til ages end, can they feel when they’re opposed? even though they’re close, i think they may have gone too far…]

how hard must one be pushed to cause a reconfiguration? a defected bit of software shines a light on installation errors. resolution tries to process but get lost in computations.

need a vacation from your backlit screen, but your pull is strong for sure. my world revolves around you, yes you make me feel secure. sadly our update will not download because we can’t take anymore.


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agree to disagree [#freewrite]

Here’s a little piece I wrote back in November of 2012. The sentiment for me is just as strong, if not stronger, as it was when it was written. This was astrologically unrelated at the moment of conception, but it relates to the sky right now with Mars [in Libra] squaring Pluto/Sun/Mercury [in Capricorn] and opposing Uranus [in Aries], causing internal friction that is triggered by (and possibly projected onto) relationships and other external occurrences. On top of that, Venus [in the later degrees of Capricorn] is now retrograde, altering the way in which we relate to others. Some of us are living in a fierce tempest as earthly existence mirrors the tumult of the cosmos, so I feel that this Tumblr post is as relevant as ever, whether or not you agree or disagree 😉


Agree to Disagree:

“Let’s agree to disagree.”

Hmm… Let’s not. Agreeing to disagree is a copout.

Don’t get me wrong. With my greatest effort, I aim for agreement. It feels great to be on the same page with other people. That said, a little disagreement never hurt anyone. Why sugarcoat the disagreement by “agreeing” to it? That’s just disrespectful. If I don’t agree, I DO NOT AGREE, at all.

It’s not that I don’t see the other point of view. In fact, I think I worry too much about other points of view, as I pride myself on being diplomatic. Unfortunately, diplomacy is not always enough, and we disagree. Disagreement is the inability to muster even the slightest ounce of agreement. If we’re going to disagree, let’s commit to our disagreement. Live in it. Embrace it.

don’t agree to disagree. I disagree. I revel in disagreement.

i need a fucking lock [freewrite]

as soon as my check clears, i am purchasing a lock. i used to have a lock before my sister stole my room when i went to college. now i’m in the small shoebox that was originally hers, and this shit doesn’t have a lock.


i’m so tired of people walking in here with knocking. who does that? and they claim they don’t, but they do, and i’m sick of it. it was such a relief being back home after having zero privacy in the dorms (except junior year when I had my OWN room, so nice, loved it) until i remembered i live in a room with a built-in, lifetime guaranteed, reverse do-not-disturb sign, open-door policy. what if i want to sleep butt naked without having to worry about intruded upon by my mom and my sister? what if i want to masturbate all over my room, in all 4 corners? oops, guess i can’t.

so my sister just got back home after being in new york for a few days. the first thing she does is barge in my room unannounced at 3 AM, turn on my light, unplug the fan that i took from her room, tell me my room stinks, ask what the wet spot is on my carpet (it’s water), and tell me my room stinks again before walking out with the fan and slamming my door. what the fuck. i don’t understand the way the world works sometimes. the fan isn’t hers, by the way. it’s a house fan. completely communal. not purchased by her at all. i’d be all types of “girls” and “gays” if i were to snitch and have my mom make her give me back the fan, though. oops, guess i wasn’t hot.

sometimes i get so angry i want to cry because what can i do? i can’t call my sister a bitch, right? or my mom for that matter. even if i think it. even if i want to. i could, but… that wouldn’t help.

more of the same [freewrite]

how many ways can you ask the same question?
how many times can i say the same thing?
How many ways can you ask the same question?
How many times can I say the same thing?
hOw mAnY wAYs cAn yOU Ask thE sAmE quEstIOn?
hOw mAnY tImEs cAn I sAY thE sAmE thIng?

the ring of life [freewrite]

we’re all waiting for something that isn’t coming
it isn’t going to come

not tomorrow
not next week
or in a month
nor a single year

especially not tomorrow
not next week especially

there’s no need to wait for anything
because everything is happening right now
it always happens
and it will forever
as long as you are wearing
the Ring of Life.