venus retrograde: bitch better have my money [#StarsAndSymbols]

when the word ‘retrograde’ comes to mind, most of us are used to hearing it associated with the planet mercury. maybe that’s why as i’ve been mentioning venus retrograde [Jul 25 – Sep 6, 2015] to people, i’ve received such a curious response. venus goes retrograde less frequently than quick-moving mercury, but it always comes right on time to help us process all of our venusian intake.

art. love. money. just some quick keywords that fall under the domain of venus, mythical goddess of all things beautiful.


in astrology, venus is all those seemingly unrelated keywords, except they are all super related. our appreciation for art is related to our love interest is related to our capacity to circulate money. how? value. it’s all based on what we value and what we esteem to be worth it, including our own self-esteem. in short, we attract [venus keyword] into our lives the people, places, and things that we value, and what we attract has everything to do with our self-worth or lack thereof.

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extraction4jesus [#FreeWrite]

Remember when Tom Hanks’ character in castaway knocked out his own tooth because it was causing him such excruciating pain?


That was me this morning.

I have a habit of putting things off as long as humanly possible, which is exactly what I did with my tooth that had been causing me occasional pain, albeit dull, for the past couples years. Let me tell you, the pain was anything but dull when I woke up. I immediately called out of both jobs, and scheduled an emergency appointment. I also cried for 2.5 seconds, which was probably the quickest, cutest cry I’ve ever cried. Brevity + sincerity = so adorable.

My wisdom teeth were all taken out in high school, and after I graduated, I steered clear of the dentist’s office. In September, I discovered a hole in my tooth (last one on the upper left), and decided it was time for 4 years worth of damage control.

I read up on all about the dangers of fluoride and mercury poisoning in college, so I was hesitant to visit the dentist again. After doing some sort of X-Ray or scan, they confirmed that there was indeed a hole, and tried to coerce me into scheduling a root canal. Instead I inquired more about the extraction. After emphasizing the fact that “once it’s gone, it’s gone forever” and reluctantly admitting that the extraction would be the cheaper option, I decided I needed time to think about it before I scheduled the procedure. Is it in the dentistry handbook to make the patient feel forced into a root canal and guilty for electing an extraction? Selling is not exclusive to retail I have learned.

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