your model is malfunctioning [#ScambledArt]

i know it might appear as though i am hacking the matrix you’ve constructed, so if that is too inconvenient for you to compute, here’s a reminder: you have the privilege of blocking my pop-ups…

activate it before it’s no longer compatible


there’s no need to catch fire trying to update your processor.
by all means, preserve your programming.

control + alt + delete…


reboot your system before it blows up in your face….

just don’t blame me as the reason your model is malfunctioning.
the history suggests it was already a bit defected.

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the great, black unbreakable [#ScrambledArt]

IMG_20150617_223451i pray for protection
against the spirit of evil
in all its barbaric incarnations

i wish for tranquility
in the hearts of our mothers
who suffer unsolicited tragedy

i ask god to wash clean
the wicked intentions of the ones
who shoot to kill my kin

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i become king [#ScrambledArt]

when I become king
and I rule the free world
I will order the law in my image
so everyone knows I have
the right to be supreme

when I become king
and I command the land with my staff
I will enter rooms in royal fashion
so I am received with love and laughter
the reaction is like I’m golden


when I become king
and I bring my opponent to his knees
I will never have to fight again
so that I can live in peace and prosper
the obstacles I overcome bow at my feet

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affirmation 2 overcome insecurity [#ScrambledArt]

Insecurity is whatever it will be
It lives within you and it may be in me
Insecurity sucks and makes it hard to feel free
Until we learn to love self unconditionally

It’s like a hole in one who is otherwise complete
It’s like a stroke of heart in the midnight heat
It’s like a stallion in shoes that quite don’t fit its feet
It’s like shadowboxing a ghost you’re unable to see


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the end of the world [#ScrambledArt]

the best time to cry is
when you’re walking alone in the dark
because in the navy blue night
nobody can see you fall apart
into a thousand tiny pieces
fragments of an inarticulate plight
not to say there is no light
when the sun surrenders to the stars
but it is obviously
and fortunately not as bright

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AbrAcAdAbrA [#ScrambledArt]

one long arm lean back | the other down this side.
infinity symbol? already found his ride…

when my suit = nice + i’m all dressed up
mines look so good, if yours don’t
that’s tough
c’est la vie, yes indeed it’s so
just pray for tree + sew = the seed is grown

grow short too long | bound to mesmerize.
go forth. be strong. ground and reach too high.


get down and crawl with the black cat

when you recall where it is at

come cast a spell wit your witch craft

i bayou voodoo, say “who dat?”

no lie i script this like beck___/sam___

call me mister alakazam

abracadabra amazed [damn]

i coup d’etat stage the grand slam

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my bloody body [#ScrambledArt]

if cleanliness is next to godliness

then i should probably get back in the shower

or better yet i should draw a bath

so that no part of my bloody body goes unwet

and as i soak in the white salt water

i might appear to slip into a dissolution

of everything that used to matter

refined by a million of the most jagged edges

they conspire against each impurity

as if i weren’t always a bit contaminated

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a quietude of extremes [#ScrambledArt]

a quietude of extremes

menaces the master of the obvious

the masses are eluded by its transitional nuance

as it traverses the polar spectrum in a cataclysm of silence

contrary to its contemporaries

its wealth is in its stealth

Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 1.18.32 PM

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cotton & lace [#ScrambledArt]

forgive me if it seems like i’m coming apart at the seams

i’m just dressed in daydreams of a different time and space

where cotton and lace weren’t such oppressive creations

how many threads does it take to keep the fabric from breaking

when the shirt gets way too worn and the fit becomes too tight

because the friction of a growing body is an inevitable part of life

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 1.41.14 AM

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on a limb with a vulture [#ScrambledArt]

this feeling is so familiar. peeled away layers. the pang of a bared soul, vulnerable and exposed for everyone to see. i put myself out there on the limb of a tree and waited for you, but instead a vulture came to feast, leading me to believe i’m either dead or slowly dying. now i’m crying for you in a public place, tears displaced. they stain my face as i peer into the mirror behind the bar at the man who looks as though he should have it all together.

i’d like to think i knew better, but there was something special about you.

17_bw vulture in tree

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