2016: labor of love [#StarsAndSymbols]


it takes 9 months to carry a human child. before the pregnancy reaches full term, there is a process that mother and baby must mutually undergo during which each passing interval is as conducive as it is crucial to a healthy delivery. from conception to labor, everyone has an idea of what it’s going to be, but one never truly knows until the infant comes forth in its big debut. funny how a debut can double as a grand finale. there’s a thin, thin line between the two, and it blurs. i don’t mean to trigger a contraction, but if you look down, you might be surprised to find how close you have come to that line.

as with the developmental stage of any creation, names can change from moment to moment, shifting the vibration of the still-gestating entity. even after it has been christened, the consciousness of the creator must ascend to a certain height in order to finally behold the essence of the precious life that is being fostered in the totality of its glory.

in numerology, the study of numbers as metaphysical symbols, the goal is reduce every amount to a single digit through the mathematic process of addition. for example, the number 39 would be broken down to 3+9. Since 3+9= 12, the next task is to add 1+2, which leaves us with a single digit sum of 3. Now that we’ve arrived at a single digit number, we can start to explore the characteristics inherent in this number, as each of the single digits have their own individual traits and connotations.

now, let’s practically apply this little numerology lesson, shall we? take this new year, 2016. 2+0+1+6 = … 9! That makes 2016 a year that vibrates in alignment with the number 9, the highest and final single digit number. what does it all mean you ask? it might be in our best interest go explore the symbolism of 9 in numerology.

number-9-on-ocean-floorsince 9 is the highest number [excluding, of course, double digits and beyond] there is a lofty quality associated with this symbol. imagine reaching the mountaintop and taking in the elevated view. even the air breathes differently up here. it’s not quite heaven, but it’s feels close enough to rub off on you and change your perspective from one of rugged individuality [in the vain of the number 1] to one of universal awareness. 9 is a heightened state of mind and the insights that one brings down to earth when aligned with this number are sure to be enlightening.

as 9 oversees everything from above, it relates to global affairs and matters that concern the masses. this number endows a respectable degree of leadership unto anyone who invokes it. because of this, popularity is an attribute of people [9 life paths], places [buildings with addresses that equal 9], and things [the year 2016] that resonate with this 9 energy.

as with the high stakes, “ready-to-pop” ninth month of pregnancy, the frequency of the number 9 is one of inspiring excitement. ruled by the action-packed planet mars, 9 is a zealous energy. when this number is in effect, the people of the world are motivated by the promise of big projects, especially if the endeavor is attached in some way to a humanitarian cause. speaking of attachment, the shadow side of 9 is its propensity to be aloof, ungrounded in the present reality, and disconnected from one on one relationships. just like the mother who could go into labor at any minute, there are simply bigger, more urgent concerns with which the number 9 concerns itself. usually those concerns are driven by visionary idealism and utopian desires. remember, too, that mars is known in the occult world as the warrior god, so it wouldn’t be farfetched this year to witness intensified strife on an international level. sometimes, it has to get worse before it gets better.


in the traditional tarot deck, the hermit [card 9]  follows strength [card 8]. after conquering our fears, weaknesses, and insecurities with strength [2015 = 8], this archetype comes to a place of inner confidence, assured spiritually by the all the tests it has passed. like the hermit card, 2016 might be the year during which you reflect on the past through a lens that has never been as wise and all-seeing as it is now. no matter how dark it was and no matter how dark it could be in the future, there is an inextinguishable fire inside of everyone that burns as a guide to illuminate the path to deliverance, stoked by the love of ancestors and dearly beloved family members who have passed in the past 9 years or so. in this immortal light, everything that was a mystery starts to make a whole lot more sense.

an assignment of sorts:

make a mental note everything of significance that you remember from 2008. better, write down a physical list. now take that list and notice how many of the major themes of your life in the present moment made themselves apparent way back then in 2008. finally, if any of those ‘themes’ are still unsettled, make a wish for and visualize your ideal resolution in 2016. think of these resolutions as mantras. how can you can claim them if you don’t name them?

if nothing from 2008 rings a bell, make a list instead of 9 unresolved issues from any period of time that you would like to finalize. wish, visualize, mantra, same as above.


2016 is the year to wrap up all loose ends to reach enlightenment. 2016 is the year to come to a conclusion, because every beginning requires an ending [which is just another beginning in disguise]. 2016 is the year to reveal the labor of love that has been growing in the faceless, yet fertile darkness, finally!

daily 4cast: 1/14/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

– Pluto [in Capricorn] square North Node [in Libra]
– Pluto [in Capricorn] inconjunct Juno [in Leo]
– Pluto [in Capricorn] semi-sextile Venus [in Aquarius]
– Pluto [in Capricorn] sextile Moon [in Scorpio]
– Mercury [in Aquarius] sextile Uranus [in Aries]
– Moon [in Scorpio] semi-sextile pallas, north node
– Moon [in Scorpio] square mercury/venus, juno
– Moon [in Scorpio] trine neptune/chiron
– Moon [in Scorpio] inconjunct uranus

As intriguing as the illusion may be, you are more concerned with the intent than the spectacle. Activated within you today is a penetrating insight that perceives withheld matter. Whether or not it is intentional, you play an agent of exposure, unleashing revelatory cataclysms in your environment with your incisive curiosity. Is it a harmless desire to observe the unseen dynamic that drives your of discovery, or could it be a deep-seated suspicion? Maybe it’s an obsessive compulsive lust for power that is best satisfied by making oneself privy to private knowledge.

The intensity of your inquisitive nature could be perceived as intrusive. as a defense against your prying, The Others will erect walls to obstruct your peering eyes, exacerbating your itch to investigate. Be mindful of external boundaries. Everyone deserves personal privacy, no matter what you believe they’re up to. Instead of pointing the finger in a conspiracy theory-induced frenzy, try to probe internally to identify the stem of such paranoia. Projecting your “ugly” onto other people is easier sometimes than anything else. This tendency, however, is destructive and poisonous.

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daily 4cast: 1/4/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

– Cancer Full Moon/Cardinal Grand Cross [Sun/Pluto in Capricorn opposite Moon in Cancer + Uranus in Aries opposite North Node in Libra]

– Sun [in Capricorn] sextile Chiron [in Pisces]
– Venus [in Aquarius] sextile Saturn [in Sagittarius]
– Moon [in Cancer] trine Neptune/Chiron [in Pisces]

– Mercury enters Aquarius

It does everything but announce itself, and it is still so incredibly apparent. An air of dubious elitism is infiltrating the atmosphere and eliciting violent reactions amongst the civilians. It seems as though the figures of authority and those of self-appointed superiority are using their status to oppress the people by obscuring the truth.


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an acceptance speech [#ScrambledArt]

i could always just accept it, but…
light reflected on fragments is blindingly revealing
especially to someone so used to concealing
the same main thing that’s in need of some healing
stealing the courage to be

to live a simple life
down to earth


it’s so hard to feel settled
when i’m sitting on a balloon that’s been dipped in 
metal and coated in acid
attracted to the highest altitude in the blackest kettle of a void
floating away in a far off place

to live feels like a disgrace
but i’ll be complacent if you give me what i need
the space to breathe
the time to grieve
and one last private retreat into the secret smut shop in the back alley of my amygdala
as it secretes a million neurotoxins that are surprisingly simple to spell
please don’t tell