scorpio full moon 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Full Moon in Scorpio
April 22, 2016 at 1:24 am EST



[4/22/2016 = 4+2+2+2+0+1+6 = 17 = 1 + 7  = 8]

What goes around comes around is the idea behind the number 8. Just like the symbol of infinity, this number embodies endlessness. 8 can be the gift that keeps on giving, or it can represent the shackles of bondage to an oppressive circumstance. The result of the 8 energy depends on how its power is wielded. The get back is only as strong as the put out, sort of like karma. Or exactly like karma. If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, then whoever reads this better act accordingly, or else.

Once this personal responsibility is assumed, 8 can elevate ordinary individuals to executive heights. 8 is related to the archetype of the boss, one who has self-control and well as power of the circumstances of subordinates. Ambition, business, and corporation all fall under the rule of this authoritative number. Not so positively, the number 8 may be cumbersome and sensitive to the pressures of this gravitational existence, so people who identify with this vibration must often fight through fatalism. With discipline and balance, 8 can achieve greatness.


Tarot: Death


Perhaps the most terrifying card in the deck, Death always elicits extreme reactions when it is pulled. For most people it calls to mind the end of life and the physical body’s inevitable decay, a rude reminder of immortality. When interpreted not-so-literally, however, Death is the truth of transformation and the never-ending cycles of evolution. Just as the snake sheds its skin and the feathers of the bird fly off into the wind, everyone must occasionally begin again. But in order for something to be reborn, it must first die. This is the end of an era.

Some say that energy never dies, though, so maybe this is more of a shift from one form to the next.



The Full Moon is the monthly separation of the Sun [ego, identity, expression] and Moon [empathy, intuition, emotion], as they assume their most distant positions in opposite signs. This great space between our luminary bodies allows for a more comprehensive awareness of the energy that has been building, as the moon is illuminated to maximum capacity, revealing momentarily the mysteries of the creation cycle that once were [and will be again] concealed behind the nocturnal veil. Just as visibility increases to supernatural proportions, the emotional atmosphere is heightened prompting what seem to be unusual experiences and outbursts. The earthly realm becomes a mirror image of this cosmic standoff. Holistic awareness and dynamic self-expression are the blessings of the full moon, but a long overdue confrontation could be the prerequisite roadblock that makes it challenging to receive them. The goal is to recognize hidden facets of self instead of projecting dark revelations onto partners/opponents. Then and only then will personal balance be made possible, and thus all else is resolved. In the meantime, as the opposition builds, be prepared to go back and forth.

As the Sun is in Taurus, the Moon is challenged to fullness by its shift into opposite sign Scorpio. Why is Scorpio considered the opposite of easygoing, pleasure-oriented Taurus?
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aries new moon 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

4/7/2016 @ 7:24 AM EST


Numerology of the Day:

[4+7+2+0+1+6 = 20 = 2+0= 2]


2 is a number that can go either way. It is the foray into the world of options, so often times important choices must be made that alter the course of one’s life. 2 is a versatile number, so instead of making a hard decision, the 2 suggests embracing multiple realities at once until a mutual solution presents itself. Positively, this could be called consideration. Negatively, this might be seen as deception or duplicity. Could it be both? It could! 2 is full of contradictions like that, and it doesn’t always make logical sense. This could have something to do with 2’s association with the feminine/yin energy, to which irrationality is attributed in this patriarchal society. Along the lines of the feminine force, intuition is probably strongest wherever sensitive 2 is involved.

On one hand, 2 is delicate and impressionable, often yielding to apparently stronger entities. On the other hand, 2 is so fluid that it is unlikely to break, even under the most oppressive circumstances. This number can be quite surprising as it is full of withheld information, evidenced by the bits, pieces and secrets that are revealed when the moment is right. Proof that you always get more than you bargain for when working with a number like this, these carefully metered revelations are indicative of a hidden reserve of alluring depth that is only unveiled to the select few “initiates” who pass the test.  It takes a lot to be let inside, so to know 2 is not only to love 2, but to be loved by 2. Care to double the fun?

Speaking of love, the number 2 rules over romantic relationships and other interpersonal involvements, including conflicts. Sharing, exchanges, and all interactions are ruled by 2. Despite emphasis on social refinement and seamless cooperation, 2 can manifest as timidity, and isn’t always conducive to standing in the spotlight. Even so, 2 is such a charming vibration that audiences form regardless of the preference of privacy.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence for Aries:
The Emperor


The leader, the ruler, The Emperor. This card is obviously representative of ballers, shot-callers and other authority figures. Anyone who has power enough to warrant a community of followers can be likened to The Emperor archetype. More symbolically, this card signifies the essential centrality from which any game-changing circumstance emanates, as it takes a great deal of personal singularity and unwavering focus to oversee something of such magnitude.

There are many factors that keep an empire up, running, and vital in the face of threats that could come at any time, from every direction, so it takes a skillful commander to be the core that keeps his kingdom together. Not only must he embody the beam that supports the structure of everything and everyone around him, but he must also make executive decisions that reflect the greater good of the common bond they all share, lest he find himself on the receiving end of an ugly uprising.


The New Moon is the monthly meeting of the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. This combination makes for a great potency that, when harnessed, encourages anything that is initiated or asked. The best time to set New Moon intentions is the following few days after the aspect is exact, once the dust has settled, but the day of is usually fine too. Warning: avoid setting intentions before the New Moon is exact and/or during the void-of-course moon. [See below for the best times to make your wish.]


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AshéOracle: Week of 4/3/2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Week of 4/3/2016


Venus enters Aries | [on 4/5/2016 @ 12:50 PM EST until 4/29/2016]
Venus in Aries is rough around the edges where it is “supposed” to be soft and sultry. The dainty allure that is normally attributed to Venus might take a backseat to the fast-paced pursuit of what is found appealing, but is the rush held in higher esteem than the first place prize? Hmm, probably not, because there’s no greater feeling than winning when Venus is in Aries, whether it’s a friendly competition or a heated argument. Still, there’s something so sexy about the chase.

Mercury enters Taurus | [on 4/5/2016 @ 7:09 pm EST until 6/12/2016]
What Mercury in Taurus lacks in swiftness and excitement, it makes up for in common sense. Words and thoughts have the potential to manifest physically with this placement more than any other. Because of this verbal gravity, it is best to speak deliberately, with the intention to say only what is meant. The superficial stimulation of a sensationalized story is fine, but why go out of the way to say what sounds good if the statement isn’t completely organic? A phrase is always more beautiful when it is naturally inspired and spoken with rhythmic intelligence. Logic is grounded in reality, so it is best to base decisions on the facts found in the earthly realm of tangible information. After all, isn’t everything easier [and a lot more profitable] when let the five senses are allowed lead the way?

Sun [in Aries] square Pluto [in Capricorn] | [on 4/6/2016 @ 4:13 pm EST]

New Moon in Aries | [on 4/7/2016 @ 7:24 am EST]

Sun [in Aries] conjunct Uranus [in Aries] | [on 4/9/2016 @ 5:27 pm EST]


When an ordinary existence isn’t enough, some of us seek to find the heightened reality of a religious experience. Those who dive a bit deeper into the belief that there is a better way might be surprised to find that when certain elements are brought together, specific effects are elicited, and those effects could be exactly what we wished. Imagine what could happen if we devoted ourselves to studying these forces and practicing the art of arranging them in accordance with our intentions, as well as the natural reverence they so require.

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daily 4cast: 10/25/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Libra] opposite Uranus [in Aries]
Venus [in Virgo] conjunct Jupiter [in Virgo]
Moon [in Pisces] sextile Ceres [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Aries] conjunct Vesta [in Aries]
Moon [in Aries] opposite North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Aries] trine Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Aries] square Pluto [in Capricorn]


Inhale to find inspiration in a breath of fresh air. Motivated by an unconventional conversation, respiration seems to have a purpose once more. If you exhale at the right moment, you might just sync your pulse with the biorhythmic metronome of another, despite the fact that your basslines will probably be syncopated by the time you both notice.

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daily 4cast: 7/26/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Leo] trine Moon [in Sagittarius]
Sun [in Leo] sextile North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Scorpio] conjunct Saturn [in Scorpio]
Moon [in Scorpio] square Jupiter [in Leo]
Moon [in Sagittarius] trine Mercury [in Leo]
Moon [in Sagittarius] square Venus [in Virgo]
Moon [in Sagittarius] sextile North Node [in Libra]
Uranus goes Retrograde in Aries


An elitist congregation could leave you feeling like an uninvited outsider. Try as you might to fit in, some associations will always be unavailable to you. Convincing yourself that you are better off alone sounds like a good idea, but when nobody seems to notice how cool you as an individual are on your own terms, your inability to revel convincingly in your free-agency could send a shockwave of anger through your system that is beyond human expression. In fact, it could be quite alien.

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daily 4cast: 3/16/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Pisces] square Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Uranus [in Aries] square Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Aquarius] opposite Juno [in Leo]
Moon [in Aquarius] trine North Node [in Libra]


Sometimes “bad” things have to happen for us to breakthrough. There could be something blocking you from expressing yourself at your brightest, most brilliant capacity. If you’re not actively working to eliminate the blockage, how else is it supposed to be alleviated?


Maybe the foundation has to crumble.Maybe the tower has to fall. Maybe sky has to come crashing down. Sure, it is devastating now, but will you get over it? Yes. Will you build it up  better, and improve upon the last design? That is up to you. Continue reading

daily 4cast: 3/11/2015 [#StarsAndymbol]


Sun [in Pisces] trine Moon [in Scorpio]
Venus [in Aries] square Ceres [in Capricorn]
Mars [in Aries] conjunct Uranus [in Aries]
Mars [in Aries] square Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Scorpio] sextile Ceres [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Scorpio] square Mercury/Vesta [in Aquarius]

people talk about low self-esteem, but what does it mean to the host of such a disease? there has to be a practical way to measure or determine whether or not you devalue yourself. in order to solve this mystery, you must reflect on your investments. if you are putting time and energy into a vice that is not benefitting your progress, you are settling for less than you deserve and betraying your own worth for some quick fix. are you lowering your standards for the sake of filling a hole?


today, you will learn how to respect yourself, or at least realize how exactly you have disrespected yourself in the recent past. know that you deserve real love, and even if the love is tough, recognize and embrace it for what it is. those who lack discipline will attract disciplinarians, simple as that. if you don’t like other people telling you what to do, do it yourself so nobody has to do it for you. set your own standard and stick with it. your standard doesn’t have to be “high”, but why shouldn’t it reflect the priceless quality that is inherent in your genetic makeup, and why shouldn’t you honor it consistently? today you will remember what you do it or, because if you don’t do it or something, you’ll do it for anything.

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daily 4cast: 3/8/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]]

Moon [in Libra] opposite Venus/Uranus [in Aries]
Moon [in Libra] trine Mercury/Vesta [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Libra] sextile Jupiter [in Leo], Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Libra] square Pluto/Ceres [in Capricorn]

They say it takes two, but sometimes the second half of that equation chooses the autonomy of division over the coexistence of addition. It can be puzzling when you make yourself so easy to love, but The Others don’t seem to notice your pleasant gestures. Or maybe it’s that they just don’t care, a concept even more challenging than the first. Perhaps you’re the one who values your independence, and the people around you are pushing for more together time.


Despite today’s  interpersonal dichotomy, there is an undeniable attraction between you and The Ones who oppose your preferences. Sure, you will fight for dominance, but the sooner you realize that not everyone wants to be dominated, the sooner you will be able to create an opportunity that is mutually beneficially and pleasurable to both parties Continue reading

daily 4cast: 1/28/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Aquarius] sextile Uranus [in Aries]
Mercury [in Aquarius] semi-sextile Mars [in Pisces]
Mars [in Pisces] square Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Mars [in Pisces] inconjunct North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Gemini] opposite Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] trine Vesta [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Gemini] square Venus [in Pisces]

If you find yourself dropping the ball, it may be time to critically revisit your resolution. Remember, the one you made about a month ago? Yes, that one. There is no doubt that you are well on your way to reach it, but any figurative fumble you experience could be a sign to give up on your current tactic. Adjust your approach if you feel there is a better, more progressive method.

Observe the responses you receive, and if you’re not getting the desired results, learn how to improvise to make the most of every moment. If you begin the day less than gracefully, you will find your rhythm well before the sun sets.


As you alter your course, you will tune in to a different frequency, and the results may catch you off guard. A person from your past may reappear with big news. You could also be surprised by a familiar stranger who makes you wonder if you knew each other in a past life. Your social interactions are likely to breathe new life into old hot topics. It may hard to sit still with your immediate environment buzzing as it is.  This is all incredibly stimulating for you.

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daily4cast: 1/20/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Aquarius New Moon [Sun + Moon conjunct in Aquarius]
Uranus [in Aries] opposite North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Capricorn] conjunct Vesta [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Aquarius] sextile Saturn/Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Aquarius] semi-sextile Ceres [in Capricorn], Neptune/Mars [in Pisces]
Sun enters Aquarius

Something from your inner being is coming into existence, but you still want to keep it close to your heart at this time. You have the rest of forever to share it with the world, but today it is a part of you, and you are whole because of it. Regardless of what you when you’re on the clock, take on the role of manager at home and make sure everything is taken care of while you still have a chance. Soon, your little creation will be thrust into the forefront of the world, so use this moment to fortify, secure, and condition in the sacred dimension of domesticity.

If in the past you have sabotaged your growth due to slapdash presentation, develop an awareness of how to communicate your intentions with a balanced combination of confidence and clarity, so that objective is more likely to be received. Before we can even expect The Others to comprehend our brilliance, we must first ascertain our aspirations. Only then can we successfully asser our endeavors Assess your artistic process through alternative eyes.


Reflect on your daily routine. Write down three activities that you enjoy everyday, especially if you enjoy them in the privacy of your own home during your free time. Take those three things, marry them under more singularly concentrated context, and generate five specialized “job titles”, like the ones people put on resumes to make themselves sound more important. Continue reading