What is 123Symbology?

First of all, welcome to this space. I appreciate your interest. This is 123Symbology [formerly known as Shady Sun], and I am pleased to facilitate this journey. Allow me to begin by saying this…


Life is full of unknown factors, and that might seem scary to some people, but I believe there are signs placed in your path to guide you to greater state of being. My goal with 123Symbology is to share information that may be used to… 1.) inspire a better lifestyle, 2.) maximize the energetic atmosphere, and 3.) cultivate a heightened awareness of the world in which we live.

Currently, there are 3 aspects of 123Symbology, and they are as follows:


#SuccessfulSuggestions is a series of tips, tricks, and life hacks with an emphasis on self-improvement and holistic wellness.


#StickyNoteAstrology is a series of quick, but informative astrology insights enriched  with numerology, tarot, and more.


#StarsAndSymbols is a series of studies that explore the busy intersection of popular culture & mystical symbolism in order to philosophize the meaning of life via this modern day mythology.

If I could sum it all up, I would say 123Symbology is best known for identifying the hidden symbolism in your current events in order to demystify unconscious information & reclaim universal energy for personal empowerment.

Here at 123Symbology, we refuse to settle for a standard of life that stays on the surface. Here at 123Symbology, we defy the status quo because we know there is a better way. We go deeper here at 123Symbology because there’s always more to the story, and it surely pays to stay informed.

I thank you!
Nick “The Symbologist”